House of Protocol

HOP Rules

House of Protocol Golden Rules

#1. It's all about the people.

We put people first. We care about people we work with and for. We are committed to continuous improvement and self-development, aiming to be better individuals and professionals. We are change agents. We want to make a difference.

#2. Elevate your game.

Codes of conduct accepted in the diplomatic world have entered all spheres of business life. Protocol today is a key component of strategic relationship management, and an essential tool to raise businesses and organisations to the next level.


Everyday manners and workplace manners are inseparable. Strong interpersonal skills and polished behaviour are key to building trustworthy relations, fostering long-term collaborations, and achieving professional success in any industry.


Appreciating the values, attitudes and beliefs of people from different countries or backgrounds is crucial to avoid bias and misunderstanding, and to establish authentic, strong professional relationships. .

#5. Make everyone feel special.

Your guests may not always remember what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. .